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Popular Tags. View all. Books by Bepin Behari. The sorrows More info. He wanted answers to his psychic quest, methods of self-realization and a knowledge of his ultimate goal. Astrology indicated that More info. He has studied Vedic Astrology for more More info.

If you have a More info. Predictive astrology aims at identifying the specific period for the occurence of a specific event. Several principles on More info. Uttama karmapathi Shani occupies the career-driving 10th-fromth yuvatisthana. This balancing, yoking Shani-yoga guarantees a long and lawful governance career Shani in specialties of consulting, advising, diplomacy, relationships Thula, 7.

Powerful and stable career.

Fundamentals of vedic astrology : vedic astrologer's handbook I/B. Behari ; K. Johnson

Longevity in career. High dignity and respect in public life. Dignified success in public endeavors, despite whatever internal frustration s may arise from the Mangala-Shani opposition ambitious patriotic intensity of Chandra-yuti-Rahu ultimate ambivalence toward social authority indicated by Ketu in bhava Also in karmasthana: Zukra in parivartamsha yoga with Zukra's mithragraha S Shani Kuja-Drishti toward bhava-4, bhava-7 and bhava-8 shows a competitive and adversarial quality, of a sporting and masculine nature, in the advising behaviors.

Abundant physical energy and a blunt Kuja dosha afflicts Chandra-4, Rahu-4, Shani Opportunities for challenge and competitive excitement are found within the business partnerships but marriage remains fixed. Daily interactions and agreement-building consensus with peers form the foundation of professional achievement.

A good career must be strong in both bhava-7 and bhava Shani drishti to Chandra produces a hard worker, materialistic, often unable to accept direct physical affection, but appreciative of duty performed, laws abided, and material acquisition. Rahu, Kuja, and Shani affect the Chandra-Rahu pair in bhava Many house-shifts and career-driven changes in dwelling. Yet unshakably dedicated to the perpetuation of ancient Chandra folk customs and cultural norms and maintenance of traditional rhythms in the home.

However, you often fail to hit the target, and consequently feel immensely frustrated. Therefore his material terra-lifespan did not include a mahadasha of either Guru or Shani. The effects of both of these powerhouse graha must be experienced via drishti upon other graha. Broadminded and philosophical Guru casts drishti upon radix Kuja and upon bhava-5 for literary authorship in Simha, the realm of royal Vishnu and divine intelligence Guru joins Kuja in D Kuja period really brought forth the effects of indoctrinator Dharmesha-9 Guru, through Jyotisha writing and lecturing.

The only graha lying outside the grand square in radix is the most excellent Dharmesha-9 -in-9, Guru. Guru can have a karako bhavo nashto down-side affecting the father. The father may be over-confident of his own knowledge, pompous, or a priest locked into ritual who is unable to see the truth underlying ceremonial religion. Financial advantage via competitive energy, innovation, physical movement of Mangala-Mesha plus Chandra-Rahu mixing with those who belong outside the home culture.

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Kapata yoga in bhava Less stability in home life. The home is much influenced by foreigners, due to Rahu; and some internal conflict via house-shifts and rapid movement, due to Kuja Kahala Yoga - a strong bandhesha-4 Chandra receiving drishti of a strong karmapathi Shani. Produces extreme stubbornness and rigidity in the home life, but softens the leadership style adding a parental quality. Can be patronizing and rigid yet protective and reliable. Takes leadership roles with conviction that the customary way 4 is best for the social order Not swayed by others due to strong foundations in life 4.

Self-defining and overflowing with physical combative energy.

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Luckily that energy is skillfully but firmly constrained by the uttama-Shani. Result is many challenges and obstacles overcome - some instantly, through heroic action; most slowly and patiently, through maturity and the turning of the wheels of government bureaucracy and time. Jyotisha studies must have provided a healthy outlet for the creative, competitive, individualistic energies of Kuja when the pressures of large, conformist organizations and their internal entropy would begin to weigh heavily on this bright independent thinker. Jyotisha provides the"big picture" view that his Chara square craves, while promising more action than the procedural rules of diplomacy could ever hope to produce.

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Budha rules 10th navamsha Chattering Kumara ruler of career-profile Navamsha occupies radical 10th in rashi of politically conservative, government-service Makara, suggesting a profession at the highest levels of the social order. Budha's relationship to the highly benevolent parivartamsha Zukra-Makara brings luxury wealth and structural, architectural beauty. Budha-yuti-Ketu , Budha-yuti-Zukra , Budha-yuti-Surya The career is complex and diverse, due to bantering Budha's numerous relationships.

The Ketu influence is always dispersing, pulverizing, eroding the ego-attachments to material rank or praiseworthy social performance. Ultimately the native's reputation derives more from his spiritual contribution and less from his material status. A straightforward, talented, rule-abiding and steadfast public servant who is a master of policy and planning detail.


An administrative economist-by-day yet an esoteric Jyotishi-by-night. Shani-7 in auspicious 9th-fromth rules vriddhi-bhava Kumbha-Ghata. One is steadily employed with pragmatic judgment on matters of hierarchy and rank Shani and fair contracts Shani-Thula. Gradually goal-gainful over time Shani, lente, slow.

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His materially gainful activity 11 is socially normative Shani and regular in its productive pace. You work virtuously to acquire knowledge, especially esoteric wisdom, but somehow remain at the periphery of enlightenment. You are very opinionated and cannot be submissive to anyone, as a result of which you fail to make much headway in life. Mangala's energetic, invasive effects are felt via drishti in 4-home, 7-marriage, and 8-hidden tantra. Kuja rules 1 and 8. The double effect upon bhava-8 -- Kuja owns and casts His eye there -- suggests a powerful but nicely camouflaged pursuit Kuja of the esoteric treasuries.

Home life must have been frequently disrupted. Kuja drishti upon Rahu-4 produces impatience with conventional schooling. Bepin Behari commentary Planets in Signs and Houses re: Ketu in professional mana-bhava "You are an idealist, though an unhappy one, uninterested in life.

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You have tremendous sensitivity, which allows you to establish an immediate rapport with others , but this same quality also makes you suffer emotionally because you sympathize with the masses. You may also display extraordinary skill in the creative arts. One places duty to the social order above all other obligations. Lama Jyotisha. Writing and Publishing. Applies also to Chandra in Krittika.

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  7. D istinctive Features of the Nativity. Surya ego-membrane identification ruler of 2nd from Chandra ruler of 5th from radical lagna. Chandra Yoga rules radical bhava-4 Chandra-Mangala Yoga via drishti. Chandra-Mangala yoga via drishti to bhava